sydney delicious (desireless) wrote in siberianhuskies,
sydney delicious

My baby!

Hello everyone! I just discovered this community and I think it's great! You all have such beautiful dogs. Here is a picture of MY little guy at 11 weeks old:


It was early January. My boyfriend and I were at the mall, just window-shopping thanks to a very, very expensive Christmas + New Year's Eve. We ended up at the pet store, and we discovered the most beautiful little husky. He had a perfectly curly tail and two dark rings around his eyes, so he appeared to be wearing glasses. I fell in love immediately.

I couldn't afford a dog, but I couldn't stop thinking about the little guy. I called every day to make sure he was still there, I'm sure the people who worked there were sick of me. I did so much research on huskies and dogs on the Internet (I'd never had one before), and I started thinking of names for him. I was essentially going dog-crazy. A few days later, on Friday, my boyfriend surprised me by showing up at my work. He kidnapped me, put me in the car, and drove me back to the pet store. He said he knew how much I loved the puppy, and that I couldn't get him out of my mind ... so he ended up buying him for me, as an early Valentine's Day gift!

That was almost four years ago, and I still say that the little sixteen-pound husky is the best gift I've ever received. He is very, very gentle, he never barks, and he has the sweetest temperament. He is my baby, my most valuable possession. We named him GOGGLES, and (I hope!) it's obvious why. Here are some pictures:





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