Sister Sunshine (sistersunshine) wrote in siberianhuskies,
Sister Sunshine

advice needed!!

We're loading up our jeep and heading cross country with the wonder pups in just a few weeks. My husband is in the air force and we are relocating to a new base. I would greatly appreciate any tips on traveling with two siberian husky pups, they are a year and a half old.

We are trying to decide if we should crate them during the trip or try some kind of seat belt harness. I would love any advice or recommedations, right now we are slightly leaning towards the crate because I fear Yukon Jack might get bored and eat the seat belt harness and then the seat, and who knows what else.

We are planning on driving from California to Florida and we've been searching for dog friendly places to stop along the way! We aren't sure if we'll camp most of the trip or try to find hotels. We are having a hard time deciding what would be easiest.

I'll have to attempt to post some pictures of the little monsters sometime soon!
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