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a tip i've found useful

as i was telling rikki5050 in a comment exchange that is now gone, my furbaby has come into her first heat session. since she's just over a year old, i'm not going to breed her this first go round. i think she still needs to be loved and puppied some more. this decision, and i feel it is the right one, has me with the quandary of keeping the little red dots from appearing everywhere she plops her bottom end down! in my own stroke of genius/insanity, i have come up with a solution similar to something my mom did with her shih tzu when she came into heat: put panties on her (except my mom had the time to sew her several pairs of panties where i don't have that kind of time at the moment with still settling into the new place).

i just moved to texas and haven't had time to find a pet store that sells a doggie panty version so what i've done is i've taken two pairs of my son's underoos and used them (cutting out a slit in the butt for her tail, of course) in conjunction with 1/2 a panty liner. yeah, she's not too fond of them but she can't get them off either.

anybody else have a similar situation or a better suggestion for putting something in the bottom to absorb the blood? it seems to be doing just fine except for the panty liner. the under roos aren't too confining on her as they are under roos too big for my son to wear (he's now ten).

i keep telling her she looks cute in them, give her extra pets, and lots of reassurances so she doesn't feel like i stuck them on her to make fun of her. i definitely remove them when i take her outside to potty even though there are male dogs in the area. i do keep a close eye out for them so one doesn't jump on her and mate her.
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