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Hi - I just found this community - what lovely huskies you all have!

My husky's name is Suka. He's my (and my fiance's) first and only dog.

He's a good boy - we know he is - but we have so much trouble trying to train him.
He's about a year and a half now. We took him to 'Man's Best Friend' for training when he was 6 months old. We kept that up every Saturday for about 8 months - and then we moved, so it's too far to drive to get to the training center now. (And they didn't teach us much anyway). He can sit, lie down, and stay..for a few seconds - but he always did those things better for the trainers than us. He can still do those things, but he is seriously distracted. He can heel sometimes - when he's tired. He is super hyper. He jumps, mounts, nips, bites, refuses to drop items, chases the cat, and has potty training mishaps in the house every once in a while. He still thinks he is above both of us in the "pack" order - and we have yet to establish dominance over him. Yes - he's neutered.

I know it's probably more an issue of the humans needing to be trained - and I have a zillion books on the subject - and we try new techniques now and then but it's still very frustrating most of the time. We love him very much, and we don't want to give him up. Everyone says, "oh, he'll calm down in another year or two". But is there anything I can do now to get him to behave a little better? Or can we shrink him back down to the more manageable puppy size?

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