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This is my Husky Mischa. Shes a purebred and we got her from the Siberian Huskie rescue since huskies are so exspensive, and we wanted to Save a dogs life. This picture is from when she was around 1 yr old. And it was after she had her puppies and since her then owner didnt know she was pregnant and she needed more food and stuff she was mal-nourished. And basically all her babies took out her nutrients for them. So she was in bad shape her hair was bad and stuff. She also lived in a crate all day with her green blankie.  (the husky rescue took this picture) And so we still have a kennel for her because for her it feels safe and comforting. Anyway her owner decided he didnt want to take care of her anymore etc. OH yeaa and her puppies were black labs with blue eyes. They said they sold REALLY fast. Anytime i see a cute mutt i always find out that there is part huskie in it. When huskies are mixed with dogs they are so pretty.

so now we have had her for under 2 yr. She is around 3. I think she is a quite pretty husky for being a rescue.  i also have another huskie she is 9. We also rescued her. and she was 25$!. Mischa was like 200. They both have really good markings on their chests. (they are symmetrical.) But i dont have a picture of my Chelsea. This is the picture that the lady from the Rescue sent us of Misch.

i use to have another huskie Kaya. (KI-uh) but she was crazy like most huskies. and we couldnt control her or potty train her. (she ate our palm tree down to the nub) she ate and dug up our sprinkler system. SHE was BEAUTIFUL. she had dark markings and had one blue eye one brown eye.

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