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she's home!

finally, alliyah is here. she's such a character too. she's always talking (she is very vocal, but not loud and she doesn't bark either) and she burps as well! i think it's halarious.

yesterday, we took her to petsmart to get some toys and she was very social. she wanted to meet everyone and everyone wanted to meet her. (huskies get lots of attention!)

she seems to be settling in well, although her stomach may be a little upset because she had an accident this morning and then another in the house not that long ago. i can't help but feel deja-vu from that.. :/

but yeah, she's doing good so far and hopefully she'll be alright. anyway, without further adu, the pictures..

she's a little girl.. weighs only 38 lbs. (ms. barbie had her confused with her sister. she has 15 dogs, i would have been confused too. lmao) she is stands only 22 inches high, too. so i suppose she got the short end of the stick. heh. =)

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